We know that consumers have many options when it comes to purchasing hearing aids. We also know that there are more places selling hearing aids every day. You have the opportunity to offer a level of care unmatched by big-box sellers or a website someone saw in a magazine.
That's why we launched a line of hearing aids to help you retain budget-minded customers and provide the quality care they need. 
The flexibility of our pre-programmed hearing aids give you the best of both worlds; a product you can sell like an OTC and keeping budget-minded patients from going without a hearing solution.
Hearing aids alone are not enough to navigate the changes approaching the world of hearing healthcare. Which is why we offer personalized local support and service right here in the USA.

Our Skills & Expertise

Our design and development team members have worked for some of the biggest hearing aid companies in the world. They know quality and insist upon it from the very first stages in product development. Our production and sales team are sticklers for quality as well and their support and service will exceed your expectations.

At IMHearDirect high quality is fundamental. But we know that high quality doesn’t have to come at a high price. Our products use the same components as hearing aids that come with hefty price tags, but you can customize hearing devices for your customers with a pricing structure that aligns with your business model.

Whether you want to develop your own private label hearing aid line or simply want to offer your customers affordable hearing solutions, IMHearDirect is here to help every step of the way.




The world is changing. Your role in customer care is changing with it. Embracing these changes will give you an advantage as hearing healthcare evolves. Our products, plus our unique training and support, will help you become a part of that evolution.


When you give the option of choice, you gain a loyal customer. We understand this motto so when we offer you a price it’s not just a number we throw out there, it’s a price point that makes sense for you because you chose the model you prefer.


Hearing aids alone are not enough to navigate the changes approaching the world of hearing healthcare. Which is why we offer personalized local product support and service in our Downers Grove, IL home office.