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We launched a line of hearing aids to help you retain budget-minded customers and provide the quality care they need, so they return the next time they need a hearing aid.

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STEP 1: How to Make A Difference

Modern adult hearing aids are not covered by insurance in most states, leaving patients to pay out-of-pocket for prescription devices that can retail from around $1,000 to $4,000 per ear. That is why we launched a line of hearing aids to help you retain budget-minded customers and provide the quality care they need.


A hearing problem doesn’t just affect the person who has the impairment. The entire family is affected because everyone else is trying to adapt. In fact, some people aren't even aware of the real perception of their hearing loss. Be a part of the solution and get started by talking to us today!


STEP 2: Make It Work For You - Flexible Minimums

We have several offers for which we can provide small quantities to our customers. Not all of our products require large quantities to be purchased, even though we are wholesalers, there are flexible minimum quantity options for most of the products we offer.

The minimum quantity requirements for each offer can be verified by emailing us at



Units being moved by chains

(Walmart, Costco)

Units being moved by Veteran Affairs

Units being moved by independent business

(Brick & Mortar, small businesses)

Million Americans

65 and older with hearing loss by 2030

of Those Affected

are not currently wearing hearing aids


expected global hearing aids market by 2023

No risks! Contact us to get started!


STEP 3: Decide Which Method Is Best For YOU

Original Equipment Manufacturer/Original Design Manufacturer Service (OEM/ODM)

We are one of the leading providers of OEM/ODM service and support for our customers throughout the world.

Original manufacturer’s parts render a better design and quality control. Hiring original equipment manufacturing services allow you to focus on your sales channel, providing quality products to your customers.

STEP 4: Partner With Us

Your dedicated account manager will help you with requests, orders, questions, as well as address any issues that may not be related to stock to best serve your needs


Our trained account managers are always traveling, meeting with potential customers and attending trade shows/conferences like the American Academy of Audiology's (AAA) Conference every year showcasing our innovative products and services. We hope to see you there!

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